Ametsbichler 5


The quintet performs in the classical jazz trio instrumentation (piano, bass, drums) with violin and alto saxophone, thus providing a very special sound, otherwise unfound in the jazz scenery.
This is the intention of band leader Josef Ametsbichler, searching for new musical expressions. His works include classical composition forms as well as themes in free arrangement. This gives the musicians plenty of possibilities and freedom for individual interpretation of the music.
The instrumentalists’ priority is expressive interpretation and a courageous approach to improvisation, with high instrumental mastery and musical competence.
The band’s repertoire contains their own compositions as well as specially arranged well-known jazz standards, reflecting the musicians’ bonds to tradition.

The quintet has already played at several jazz festivals and received very positive critiques from the press.

In April 2005 the quintet was invited to accompany the “Bayerische Filmwochen” in Kiev.

2006: Performance in the Olympic stadium in Munich at Kino Vino.

A CD of the group is in preparation.